(the word "salon" is a reference to the 17th century French thing)

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<aside> 💡 What makes a conversation really good? It's one that makes you question something you thought you understood well. One that leaves you feeling a sense of wonder and optimism. One that gives you a new understanding of the world. One that encourages vulnerability and brings you and your counterpart closer together.

A good conversation involves asking lots of questions, and spending the time needed to explore answers to them. It involves each participant teaching the others something from their own knowledge and experiences, and approaching disagreements with reason and curiosity, with the goal of finding the truth. It involves actively making progress towards a better understanding of our selves and our world.

I'd like more of my conversations to have these qualities, and I'd like you to join me in making this happen.

There's just one prerequisite for participating: you have to believe that conversation (exploring thoughts and ideas with openness, reason, and compassion) is an effective tool for getting closer to the truth...and is also super fun.


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